Hallo, beautiful people, from around the world.
I’m 20-something girl and I live at two places - one with postcode and apartment number, and the other is Hogsmeade and the mail is delivered by owls. I spend my summer vacations in Lothlórien and I often take trips to Narnia. I’m a heavy dreamer and I try to believe In the possibilities of the impossible. Always.
I like books, coffee, music, tea, chocolate, Tom Hiddleston & Johnny Depp, Europe and other beautiful places, people’s portraits, figure skating, swimming, some TV shows, funny things, movies (I still watch Disney, too) and I pretty much blog about them or anything that catches my eye. I’m interested in medical themes, too and you’ll probably see something on this topic here. I spam a lot with pretty food photos, so I’m sorry if I make you hungry.

Have a nice time… with a cup of coffee or tea and all my sympathy.